Almost one week to go til departure and Erin and I are about to head back to Boston from the beach and dismantle our lives. In other news, I just acquired a Spot device, thanks to my wonderful parents. With this gadget I'll be able to send check-in messages to the world and, more relevantly, to a shared page that will link to the blog. On that shared page you'll be able to view the location of our check-ins for the last seven days. The only location point on the map right now is in North Carolina, where I'm at the beach with my family, but it should give you guys an idea of the map's functionality.

The device is named Argus, after Hera's trusted watchman who had a hundred eyes. When Argus slept, only half his eyes would close, so he was always on guard. This little device keeps us safe and able to call for help whenever we need to, wherever we are, and lets you keep a close eye on us too.

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  1. The red button actually electrocutes you when you touch it, so that any emergency responders won't be wasting a trip by finding some uninjured person who merely inadvertently called them.

  2. Hurry up and start riding already. I am itching to follow your progress

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