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Days 61-64: Such Great Heights, and The Dusty Trail to Wyoming

9/23 Day 61: Alma, CO to Green Mountain Reservoir, Heeney, CO 56 miles (2927 miles)

    Hector had told us the night before to expect breakfast at 8AM sharp and his girlfriend, Amy, did a bunch of prep that night on a huge bread, egg, bacon, and cheese scramble thing that only needed to be put into the oven the next morning.  When we got downstairs, we found that we were really the only ones awake except for Bill, the old prospector who lived in the house and his giant (literally, a giant, making it the size of a normal dog, apparently it happens in a very small number of litters) Jack Russel Terrier, Jack, but the breakfast was already cooked in the oven. We made a pot of coffee in the still house and dug in on the scramble while we talked about all kinds of things with Bill, from gold panning to Jack Russel genetics to the value of certain crystals in the surrounding mountains. With all the eating and chatting, we didn't end up really hitting the road til some time around 10, an…

Days 55-60: Days in Denver and the Ride Into the Sky

9/17 Day 55 Ordway, CO to Pueblo, CO 52 miles (2735 miles)

            It took us a long time to get on the road today. We slept in a touch, since we had stayed up late, and we had a hard time leaving the driveway as we got pulled in to interesting conversation with our hosts, distracted by picture taking, and I gave Sean one of our tires since his back tire was worn all the day down to the tread and wouldn't last him too long before it was totally useless. We set out around 11 or so, and found it tough going right away. The wind was strong, and blowing right in our faces. We gutted out 12 miles down the road to a small town next door where we stopped for hot dogs and fries to fuel us up for the rest of the day. As we ate, another cyclist, James Weitze, pulled up just to chat with us. He is a west to east cyclist and had been on the road about 6 weeks when we met him. We talked around our food as we traded stories and advice, but we were in a bit of a rush- since it was already ar…

Last mail drop!

Our last mail drop will be in Lolo, Montana so if you have been dying to send us something,
you better do it now! Please have your package arrive by Oct 4 to be sure it beats us there.

LOLO, MT 95847

p.s. Matt will update the blog as soon as we find some good wireless, hopefully tomorrow.

Days 50-54: March of the Centurions: The Road to Colorado

9/11 Day 50:Toronto, KS to Newton, KS 101 miles (2281 miles)

        Erin, Mandi, Ben, Charlie, and I all woke up just before the sun today so we could get an early start on our first 100 mile day. The wind, which is always a factor in Kansas, was a 5-10 mile an hour North cross-wind that would be some of the lightest we'd seen since entering the state. This, combined with a predicted temp. somewhere in the mid to high 80s and a lot of flat nothing to ride across made it an ideal day to put a boatload of miles away. We struck camp quickly, ate a couple loaves of monkey bread with some coffee, and were riding by 8. The first thing I noticed when I got on my bike was just how fresh my legs felt and how little, comparatively, my ass hurt. It's amazing how just one day of rest can take you from feeling like you'd like to just take a train to Oregon to feeling like you could pick up your bike and carry it there. Luke and Joe told us that there was a place about 25 miles past To…

Days 46-49: Kansas is a State Long Uphill, Just Real Slow-Like

9/7 Day 46: Ash Grove, MO to Lincoln Park, Pittsburg, KS 72 miles (2080 miles)

               We woke up today, made breakfast, said goodbye to Shelly and John (who told us not to miss out on the huge pie selection at Cooky's Diner in Golden City, MO today), and left the park excited to finally be done with Missouri's tough terrain and to enter Kansas.  We had about 20 miles of hilly riding left until things gave way to gentle hills with long, slow ascents. There was, however, another bridge under construction on the route. John and Shelly had warned us about it though, and told us they had been forced to take the bags off of their bikes to get past. We found out why immediately upon arrival. The  bridge was totally missing, and there was something of a small cliff for us to climb in order to rejoin the road. I managed to carry my bike whole up the slope and then Ben tied a couple of ropes together so we could pull the bikes up the slope while their owners pushed them up from …

Days 42-45: Missouri the Beautiful, and Torturous

9/3 Day 42: St. Joe's State Park, MO to Brawley Park, Ellington, MO 66 miles (1811 miles)

         Today we finally seemed back in the rhythm of things again. Wake up, strike camp, eat oatmeal (except for Ben who is protesting oatmeal until we we have brown sugar, I think), and ride. We meandered our way out of St. Joe's Park and off into the Missouri wilds up what would be the last road with a shoulder we would ride for days.  Things were only just beginning to become hilly- Ozarky as we have come to refer to it- but only gently for most of the day. We passed small towns, and historic sites or ghost towns that were once towns, with names like Graniteville and Ironton that provided further evidence of the region's mining heritage. We passed quarries and countless fields and I found myself liking Missouri more and more. The people have all been very nice, and the  scenery has started to become intriguing as we've come further west. Hills that roll in a slightly differen…